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February 8, 2013

Judge fines woman who waved gun at kids


Waving a handgun at trick-or-treaters is a sure way to land up in court.

City police had alleged that Mary Alice Quinn, 61, pulled a Taurus .38 Special on three children who came to her door last fall seeking candy. The woman entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct before a judge Feb.6.

Quinn told the children, “You guys don’t know how close I was to shooting you,” according to a criminal complaint filed by police.

Her attorney referred to the incident as an “innocent misunderstanding.”

Quinn said she thought all trick-or-treaters had gone home and that someone was trying to break in.

“The kids are rattling the door and she gets nervous and thinks it’s intruders,” her attorney said. “She gets a gun, which she has a permit for.”

No one was injured in the incident. Quinn, a retired city zoning officer, was fined and could lose her gun license.



Details for this story were provided by The Johnstown, Pa., Tribune-Democrat.


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