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January 30, 2013

Time for Obama to move country left


Liberals quickly seized on President Obama’s inaugural speech as laying

the foundation for progressive goals that will work for all Americans,

not just the rich and favored few.

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer moaned that the speech signaled

the end of the age of Reagan. If that’s really the case, and I truly hope

it is, then the nation has a lot to celebrate at the beginning of Obama’s

journey to right the wrong inherent in conservatism.

The old saying, “History is written by the victors,” aptly applies to

Reagan. Thirty years of dominant conservatism have deified the 40th


Reagan’s first inaugural address set the tone: Government is the problem,

not the solution. Conservatives swooned and the country paid dearly.

It was during the Reagan years that supply-side economics gained a

foothold because it allowed the rich to feel good about their greed. It

was an era of hostile business takeovers where the few gobbled up their

rivals to enrich themselves and make a mockery of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

One of Reagan’s first acts was to bust the PATCO union, throwing into

unemployment every air traffic controller who dared strike. Jobs began

disappearing, creating a deep recession and lowering wages that is still

the norm.

The recession was aided by tax cuts so deep that even the

free-market resident in the Oval Office had to eventually reverse himself.

Reagan’s administration engaged in lawlessness with the Iran-Contra

affair, labeled the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire -- because all good conservatives must have an enemy. He had his

enemies at home too, lambasting welfare queens and presiding over a

grotesque rise in homelessness.

In other words, Reagan used the government, as Republicans always do, to make life worse for ordinary Americans while allowing a corporate takeover of the country’s riches and


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