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December 18, 2012

Evil, yes, but guns are the difference

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy — fighting to come to grips with the

country’s latest mass murder, said, “Evil visited this community today.”

He was speaking Friday when a lone gunman shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and opened fire, killing 26, including 20 small children.

“Our hearts are broken today,” said President Obama, who added that these
tragedies must end.

There is no way to rationally comprehend this act, which was just the latest in a banner year for crazed gunmen. But let’s be clear about one thing: The shooter in Connecticut, 10 days before Christmas, was evil personified, but he wasn’t alone. He couldn’t have accomplished his deed without the aid of guns and America’s sick fascination with anything that shoots a bullet.

Guns are the common denominator in all cases of human wreckage out to avenge their inner demons. Now everyone is asking whether this latest atrocity will compel a productive dialogue on gun control. It will for awhile, but don‘t expect big changes. Still, with small children involved maybe even the hard hearts of conservative gun lovers can be melted.

Weak, greedy politicians are more tuned into the dollars greasing their
palms from the gun lobby than the families of children who had their
little bodies ripped apart by bullets. It’s interesting to note that the
National Rifle Association’s Facebook page went dark after the shooting. I
can imagine the comments it was getting.

These politicians — though Republicans are the true believers of the Wild West, stand-your-ground ethos, Democrats have blood on their hands, too —are aided by conservative judges who willfully misinterpret the Second Amendment and allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased by anyone with the money.

Add to this toxic brew the American Legislative Exchange Council, which
pushes for lax gun laws readily lapped up by Republican state legislatures
who use their unchecked majority to turn their states into bloodbaths.
In order to boost the conservative ideology, Republicans will pass gun
laws that will allow equal purchases of fire arms between the responsible
gun owner and the criminally insane.

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