Competing under the name Ima Pandemic Blonde, a two-year-old filly has brought a world title back to her Cullman home from her first competition at the Palomino Horse Breeders of America’s World Championship show in Springfield, Ill.

Susie Dickerson said that she knew there was something special about Ima Pandemic Blonde — who she affectionately refers to as her “barn name” Dolly — from the moment she was born at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Within the first few days, I just knew that we had something special. She was never scared of anything and just had this self-confidence about her,” Dickerson said.

As Dolly progressed Dickerson along with her husband Jason enlisted the help of pleasure horse trainer Blake Moore, of Bessemer. Susie said that Moore had his reservations when Dolly first began training in March that she would be ready by July’s competition; however, Dolly quickly rose to the top of her training class and received Moore’s approval to enter the competition.

Competing in the Western Pleasure Division, Dolly demonstrated three separate gaits — walk, jog and lope — and was judged based on the smoothness and quality of ride she was able to offer to Moore, who rode Dolly for the competition.

Despite barely meeting the minimum age requirement of two years, and having never competed before, Dolly was able to secure her first world title. and with the event being sponsored by the National Snaffle Bit Association, was also able to claim a NSBA title in the process.

The Dickersons, who also have another mare as well as Dolly’s brother in training, couldn’t be prouder. They have plans to continue training their quarter horses to compete, and eventually continue their lineage by breeding and raising future champions.

“Dolly has just blown us away, she has been incredible,” Dickerson said.

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