HARRISBURG - A transportation plan approved in November 2013 raises a series of fees for road, bridges and other projects, while setting up the highest gas tax in the country.

The plan will generate $1.3 billion a year, mostly by replacing a 12 cents per gallon tax on retail gas sales with a wholesale tax. Passed onto consumers by gas companies, that tax comes to about 50.5 cents per gallon.

Add the federal gas tax, and the tab is 68.9 cents per gallon in taxes for Pennsylvania drivers. That's 30 cents more than the national average, according to the American Petroleum Institute.

The transportation law included a raft of fee hikes, as well.

The traffic offense of failing to obey a traffic light or sign now carries a fine of $150 - up from $25.

Those caught driving without insurance can avoid a three-month suspension of their registration by coughing up $500.

The $36 fee to register a car goes up this summer, with an increase tied to inflation. The new fee will likely be 36 cents to $1 more.

And the $21 fee for a driver’s license, good for four years, also gets tied to inflation in July, which presumably means an increase. That doesn't include the $8.50 fee for a license photo.

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