There is no other game like it in the country. Despite several name changes, the Red River Rivalry stands alone in its uniqueness in college football.

Whenever Oklahoma and Texas meet in early October it can turn into an epic affair. But throw in the fact that it's played at the 84-year old Cotton Bowl Stadium in the middle of the Texas State Fair, it goes from traditional rivalry game to an event.

Yet, it's still the action on the field that has made the Sooners and Longhorns matchup each year a integral part of college football.

With players such as Ricky Williams, Billy Vessels, Vince Young and Adrian Peterson, the series has had its share of memorable moments over its 113 year history (108 meetings). But here are the top 6 moments that have stood the test time and become part of the Red River Rivalry lore.

6. While Ricky Williams' NFL career didn't live up to expectations, his years at Texas were stand alone. And one of the teams he liked to go off against was Oklahoma.

In 1998, Williams ran for 139 yards and two touchdowns on 31 carriers as the Longhorns pounded the Sooners 34-3.

But what stood out about the performance was Williams tribute to Doak Walker, who had recently passed away. He not only wore the No. 37 jersey, but he presented it to the family after the game.

5. The 1984 confrontation between the Sooners and Longhorns may have been the game that let the rest of the nation know just how bitter the rivalry had become. It's one former OU coach Barry Switzer has not let go of just yet.

Texas entered the game ranked No. 1 while OU was No. 3. With the rain pouring down Switzer wore a hat during the game that read "Beat Texas."

UT went ahead 10–0 halftime before OU raced back to lead by three in the final minute. With 10 seconds remaining the Longhorns had gotten into field goal range, but took one more shot at the endzone. The Sooners Keith Stanberry appeared to have intercepted quarterback Todd Dodge's pass in the endzone. But officials ruled it an incomplete pass instead.

Texas went on to kick a field goal and the game ended with a 15-15 tie.

4. Darrell Royal made a name for himself as a quarterback at Oklahoma in the 1940s. But it was when he took over as head coach of the Longhorns in 1958 that he became a Texas Legend. In his second year he used the 2-point conversion to pull out a 15-14 over the Sooners. That began a string 14 wins over Oklahoma in the next 15 contests.

3. The last of Oklahoma's seven national championships came in 2000. But, along with the title, what many OU fans remember the most from that magical season was the 63-14 beat down the Sooners laid on Texas. It was the most lopsided margin of victory in the history of the match-up until OU beat that mark three years later.

Running back Quentin Griffin scored six touchdowns, tying the all-time NCAA record for most rushing touchdowns in a game and the Horns were held to (-) 7 yards rushing on the day.

2. It's become known as "The Stone Cold Stop." The tackle Texas nose-guard Stonie Clark made on the goal-line against Oklahoma has become iconic in the Lone Star state.

With the Longhorns leading by seven, the Sooners drove down the field late in the 1994 classic. Using its vaunted rushing attack, OU made it to the Texas 3-yard line.

With 43 seconds remaining, it was 4th and goal and the Sooners gave the rock to tailback James Allen on a reverse. With only the 350-pound Clark standing between him and the endzone, a touchdown seemed a sure thing. But Clark was up for the moment and almost took Allen off his feet just short of pay dirt.

Texas won 17-10 and "The Stone Cold Stop" went into Texas Legend.

1. The No. 1 moment from the series probably doesn't have the significance as some of the other on the list. But Roy Williams turning into Superman has the most lasting imagery of almost any play in college football history.

Down 7–3, Texas had the ball with 2:06 left in the game. Backed up on its on 3-yard line, quarterback Chris Simms needed to drive his team 97 yards to pull out the win.

But Williams didn't give Simms the chance. On first down, Simms dropped back to pass and the All-American safety came on a blitz.

Instead of running through the blocker, with his arms extended, Williams leaped over Texas' runningback Brett Robin like Superman and hit Simms as he attempted a pass The ball flew into the hands of OU linebacker Teddy Lehman, who sprinted into the endzone to put the game away 14-3. From then on it just became known as The Play.

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