Footprints lead police to suspect

Courtesy photo Ricardo Vives

SALEM, N.H.  — Footprints in the snow led New Hampshire police to a man accused of stealing baby formula from a Wal-Mart on Saturday. 

Police on patrol in the Wal-Mart parking lot were flagged down by a store loss prevention worker who said a man had just fled the store on foot with several cans of baby formula that he hadn't paid for, Salem Police Lt. Joel Dolan said. 

Officers went to a nearby apartment complex and discovered the man, Ricardo Vives, 28, had been hiding behind a dumpster there.

They followed his tracks into the woods and spotted him on the ground behind a tree, several cans of formula visible in his pockets.

When police tried to take Vives into custody, Dolan said, he ran deeper into the woods.

After a foot chase through the woods and a swamp, he was arrested.

Vives is charged with willful concealment and resisting arrest.

He refused the services of a bail commissioner and was held in the county jail until his arraignment Monday in 10th Circuit Court in Salem.

MacKenzie writes for the Eagle Tribune. 

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