COLUMN: Congrats to Trump on playing himself

Kasey Rhone

Last week, the FBI raided Donald Trump's home, looking for documents he might still have in his possession, as part of an investigation on his mishandling of classified information. His supporters are now insisting that the FBI needs to be defunded.

They are crying foul because the system they attempted to carefully curate to go after Trump's political opponents has now come after him. Oh, how the tables turn.

I find it interesting how the disdain Trump supporters summoned for the FBI was nonexistent when the FBI has done the same, if not worse, to people of color. It's almost like the Counter Intelligence Program, run from 1956 to 1971 to derail social justice movements, didn't happen. Or maybe for them, it's OK, because the FBI was targeting Black and brown political activists.

In a rare public display, the justice system and the FBI are working like they say they should – blind to privilege and position. Trump says the raid was unnecessary and inappropriate. I think many of the people who have sued him over the years would disagree. Trump has been known to hide and shred documents and to delay as long as possible when it comes to turning over evidence. Why should anyone expect this time to be different?

I would hope Trump and his allies have learned the United States is not a business. Those backroom handshakes and quiet deals happen in both spheres, but the consequences of getting caught in one arena versus the other are very different. Trump is learning this the hard way.

Despite the outcry from his political supporters, the search still happened. He will still have to be deposed. The justice system, which he has used as a shield and a cudgel as a private citizen, isn't working like he thought, now that he is a former president. At least the FBI showed up on an executed warrant and didn't send someone to infiltrate his camp, the likes of which precipitated the murder of Black activist Fred Hampton in 1969.

Maybe there is a broader lesson here for Trump and his allies - maybe something about chickens coming home to roost, or when you gamble, sometimes you lose your shirt. Trump rolled the dice on how much protection his former office would afford him and he came up short. Sometimes you play the game and you end up raided by the FBI. Seems to me like it's Back the Blue, until the Blue is coming for you.

Kasey Rhone is the public programs and engagement manager at Ahha Tulsa.

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