COLUMN: Never give up on a dream of success

Corey Carolina

Many of us want a better life for ourselves and our families, but what are we willing to sacrifice to achieve our goals?

The internet is full of rich pitches that show off expensive cars and mansions to let you know how successful people are, and they tell you that you can do the same thing. It seems the list of millionaires is growing every day. It is amazing that America can help people realize individual successes. People can achieve what they want through education and determination.

Not all millionaires have four-year degrees from a major university, but they have educated themselves on how to make money and how to invest it, as well as product creation and services management. They know how to market themselves to others so they will believe in what they are selling.

We can do the same thing, and with the internet, there is no reason to not know how to realize your dream. Videos, posts, and comments on social media and other platforms offer education at the tip of your fingers. You do not have to reinvent the wheel - you can find a video of someone who has been through what you are attempting to go through.

While college and technical schools are important, not everyone may want to seek higher education after high school. Higher education is a vehicle to higher levels of thinking and success because it challenges you. It forces you to take the time to gain knowledge you can use throughout your life. You should not feel like a failure if you do not go to college, but those who do not enroll in a formal institution should still seek education, whether through certifications, apprenticeships, or technical training.

Your determination will dictate your success. You can achieve your goals, but it takes work. You need to have a plan and be willing to execute it. Don't give up if the plan doesn't work the first, second, or third time. Just shift your plan and keep trying. Some ideas take years to come to fruition. Some ideas may just be bad ones. Get rid of those bad ideas as early as possible. The market will tell you if your idea is bad, but it doesn't mean that your idea could not service a niche group of people. Individuals have become rich just by focusing on a niche market.

Stay focused on your dream, and never give up on your dream of success. Your friends and family need you to be successful. You can do it to make yourself and others proud.

Corey Carolina is an NSU graduate, North Tulsa entrepreneur and activist, and owner of Carolina Food Co.

He is also an author, his first book being "The Absent Father."

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