Two hospitalized, one arrested, after stabbing

Joshua Anderson

Two men were hospitalized and one arrested after a man was stabbed early Saturday on the city’s south side, according to court records.

Dallas Boggs and his fiancé were home in the 900 block of Evans Street at about 130 a.m., when they heard two females yelling at someone to stop, Boggs reportedly told police. He ran outside and found two females and two men standing and one man on the ground, police reported.

Kyle Richardson was unconscious on the ground, his face was swollen, and Boggs said it sounded like he was choking on his own blood, police reported.

Richardson was treated for a nasal fracture and was transferred to the intensive care unit and listed in critical condition, Lebanon Police Detective Amy Dickerson reported, adding that she could not question him Saturday because he was still sleeping.

One of the other men had asked Boggs to call police because he was stabbed and lifted his shirt to show Boggs a bleeding wound on his upper rib cage, according to court records. Police identified the wounded man as Eric Shockley. But the men left when they realized Boggs called 911 and were gone before help arrived, Dickerson said in a probable cause affidavit.

Lebanon Police Officer Clark Lecher reported he found Joshua Anderson near a nurses’ station at a hospital, his clothing covered in blood, especially his shoes, although Anderson was apparently uninjured. Anderson had driven Shockley to the hospital for treatment of a stab wound, LPD public information officer Justin Fuston said.

A St. Vincent representative on Monday said he was not listed as a patient. Fuston said he thought Richardson and Shockley were both released from the hospital by Monday.

Anderson, 31, of Lebanon, said “he really did a number on that guy,” Lecher reported. Anderson said he and Shockley had left Bottoms Up Bar and Grill and Richardson threw something at the car Anderson was driving as they passed him and the two females who were on foot, Lecher reported.

He said Shockley left the car to confront Richardson, who stabbed Shockley, and Anderson got out of the white car to defend his friend, according to court records.

Richardson was walking home from Abner Longley Park with co-workers Kayla Nease and Adriona Bailey when Anderson cruised by them twice, stopping the second time, Bailey and Nease said, and adding that Shockley got out of the vehicle, walked up behind them and asked if one of them was named Sierra, according to court records.

Anderson also exited the vehicle and “Richardson was walking backwards and trying to keep his hands up, and Shockley and Anderson were pursuing Richardson,” Dickerson reported.

Shockley took the first swing at Richardson and Anderson jumped in after Richardson swung back, Bailey reportedly told police.

Richardson was thrown to the ground, a pocketknife landed near him, and Shockley had been stabbed, Bailey said, according to court records.

Shockley and Anderson stomped on and kicked Richardson’s head and face after Richardson stopped fighting, Bailey reportedly told police. She said Shockley told Anderson, “Hey, that’s enough, he’s already out,” but Anderson continued to kick and stomp Richardson’s head, according to court records.

Nease said one of them accused Richardson of throwing something at their vehicle, but he did not thrown anything at the vehicle, according to court records.

Boggs’ finance heard screaming and he went outside, thinking the females were being harmed, according to reports.

Medics reportedly found Richardson on the ground with his face swollen and blood covered and a “significant” pool of blood on the ground near his head. A closed folding knife, hat and cigarettes were near him, according to court records.

Neither of the females was involved in the fight, Fuston said.

Anderson was the only suspect arrested Saturday and was being held in the Boone County Jail in lieu of bond on a charge of aggravated battery.

Investigatory records have been given to Boone County Prosecutor Kent Eastwood for consideration of criminal charges for Richardson and Shockley, Fuston said.


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