The right LED lights save money

Global warming is real. This is a politically charged statement. But I side with scientists worldwide and their supporting quantitative evidence. A major contributor to the problem is energy waste. One avenue to responsible energy conservation is the recognition of light pollution to that waste and its simple solution. One can just flip the switch or chose intelligent lighting.

It’s estimated that light pollution results in $3 billion yearly in unnecessary energy waste. Fully shielded light fixtures are essential in curbing light pollution. Properly shielded lights prevent light from escaping above the horizontal of the bulb. By focusing the light downward an average of 40 percent more of the light emitted reaches the intended target, the ground. Because of this, less powerful bulbs can be employed. This saves energy.

LED bulbs are best. Their miserly consumption of electricity is their prime attraction. Yet, bulbs that have a color corrected temperature (CRT) above 3000k defeat the advantages of fully shielded fixtures. This is due to their emission of stronger/shorter wavelengths of light that scatters easily and undermines the advantages of a fully shielded fixture.

Human health is also a concern when selecting LED bulbs with the proper CRT. The AMA is identifying an assortment of medical maladies associated with exposure to light above 3000k CRT. Unfortunately, municipalities eager to save on their energy bills are replacing streetlights without consideration to how the new lights will affect their residents.

Yet, maybe you don’t believe in global warming or the AMAs’ warning of health hazards. But maybe you like to save money? Switching to LED bulbs will save you 80 percent over conventional lights. It costs no more to choose a bulb with a CRT of 3000k or less, so error on the side of caution and do the right thing.

– Robert Parish, Edwardsburg, Michigan

Make election security a priority with AVR

We’re deep in the off season for Indiana legislators. Lawmakers won’t return to Indianapolis for months. As state legislators set their goals and priorities for the next session, Automated Verification and Registration should be at the top of their lists. It’s the perfect policy to begin a legislative session: It addresses a critical issue, it’s an easy policy to implement, it demonstrates responsibility, and it’s bipartisan.

Without secure voter rolls, other security improvements are only half measures. AVR ensures voter rolls are up to date, accurate, and reliable, helping to prevent both foreign interference and voter fraud.

AVR requires a one-time capital investment, and then saves money. It’s a one-time fix that improves services without costing taxpayers more money.

Republicans and Democrats in 20 states have already adopted AVR. Indiana should, too. Our lawmakers need to make AVR their top priority.

— Trey Grayson, a Republican, is advisory board chair of the Secure Elections Project, former Kentucky secretary of state, and former President of the National Association of Secretaries of State.


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