Gov Holcomb

Eric Holcomb

As governor of Indiana, one of my top priorities is ensuring Hoosiers have the tools and training to succeed in high-wage, high-demand careers, no matter where you start out in life. Earning a credential or learning new career skills opens doors and propels you on your pathway to personal prosperity. As our economy recovers from the impact of COVID-19, there’s never been a time when that’s more important.

Facing down the unprecedented challenges caused by the novel coronavirus, Indiana’s strong fiscal foundation and top-ranked business climate enables our state to emerge from the storm in once again a position of economic strength. Investing in Indiana’s most important asset — people like you — is how we’ll continue our forward momentum, together.

That’s why my administration continues to prioritize helping people skill up through Indiana’s Next Level Jobs program, providing free training in high-growth, in-demand job fields like advanced manufacturing. One of these resources, our Workforce Ready Grant, is designed to pay for you to earn a high-value certificate in one of Indiana’s high-growth job fields, tuition free.

In response to COVID-19, we launched, with tools to help you secure a job, assess and grow your skills, and get the support you might need to get back on your feet or take a forward step in your career. You’ll find grant programs at your fingertips and resources to prepare you for high-demand, high-wage careers.

Additionally, I’m honored to serve as member of the Trump Administration’s American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, alongside our nation’s top leaders, where I have the privilege of sharing Hoosier successes and developing strategy to empower our workforce to better meet today’s challenges. This board brings together nonprofit and government leaders to help Americans displaced by the pandemic develop specialized skills and training for today’s and tomorrow’s careers.

Workforce readiness is essential on the road to recovery and COVID-19 has made this more essential than ever.

That’s why the Trump Administration, through the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, launched the Find Something New campaign. Created in coordination with the White House, Ad Council, IBM, Apple, and supported by more than 200 other organizations, the Find Something New campaign can assist you in finding a wide-range of education and training options, including right here in Indiana.

Through, you can easily identify and pursue the right path for your career goal. This interactive tool will recommend education pathways, information about rising careers and a directory of resources for services such as childcare, food assistance and internet access. Pathways you can explore include online learning, professional certification programs, associate’s degrees and vocational, technical and trades education. Tailored to people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds, this free tool can assist you in honing your skills to better compete in our 21st century global economy.

As we’ve faced unprecedented demands from this global pandemic, Hoosiers have demonstrated incredible patience, perseverance and teamwork. Our goal is to empower you, no matter your zip code, to achieve your limitless potential. Whether you’re facing tough times, underemployed or just starting out, I encourage you to visit or to begin your path toward learning and earning.

Take advantage of these free tools today and you’ll be taking your next step toward unlocking your future with in-demand skills or finding something new.


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