Dozens of Corsicana, Texas residents were left stranded in flood waters resulting from the 10 inches of rain that fell Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Several communities in Texas are reeling after weekend tornadoes and unrelenting rainfall uprooted trees, destroyed property, and claimed several lives. 

Hit hardest was Van, Texas, a small town east of Dallas, where a tornado killed at least two people Saturday night and reduced homes to rubble.  

At least 25 other tornadoes were reported across country's midsection on Sunday. 

In Corsicana, Texas first responders and volunteers were stretched thin as 10 inches of rain fell in five hours resulting in flooding that washed out roads and claimed the life of a 23-year-old man whose car had stalled.

A video of one dramatic rescue, shot by a storm chaser, shows a man wading into high rapids and using a pickup truck winch cable to pull an almost-submerged man, who was clinging desperately to a utility pole, to safety. 

Not for rebroadcast without permission, but please SHARE!11 DON'T DROWN PEOPLE!!!! Flash floods are a SERIOUS thing!!! No joke!!! You are not invincible. Stay dry and live another day! (pardon the screaming and freaking out but my heart was racing to no end. I felt so helpless for this guy!)Also I suppose it's worth mentioning, since my batter died at the end, that the guy was drunk but ok. However his groceries never made it home that night. .5/10/15 - Corsicana, TX

Posted by North Texas Tempest Trackers - on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dozens of people were trapped in their vehicles - both in high water, and in parking lots and on roadways across town, unable to get home.

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