Marco Antonio Parilla

Marco Antonio Parilla Jr has been charged with first-degree murder.

Less than a day after two police officers were killed in New York City, a Florida officer was also struck down by a gunman.

Tarpon Springs, Florida police officer Charles Kondek, 45, was fatally shot after 2 a.m. Sunday. According to, the shooter has been identified as 23-year-old Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder.

"I apologize to the family" of the officer, Parilla told media outlets while being escorted to jail. "That was not my intention."

The shooting stemmed from a noise complaint, which came from a resident at the Glen's Eureka apartment complex. Kondek was the responding officer.

According to Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, who spoke at a press conference, the resident who called police reported a white Hyundai parked outside of the complex with music blaring. The resident said when he asked the woman sitting inside the car to turn the music down, she "flipped him off."

Gualtieri said Parilla was at the complex looking for another resident. He had been banging on different doors, but was unable to locate the person he was searching for. But, during his search, one of the residents noticed a gun in Parilla's waistband and called police.

When Kondek arrived on the scene, he called for backup minutes later. Gualtieri said that's when Parilla began walking toward the car and fired a .40 caliber handgun at Kondek, striking him in the upper chest.

Parilla ordered the woman out of the white Hyundai, and jumped into the driver's seat before putting the car in reverse, running over Kondek before fleeing the scene, according to Gualtieri.

As Parilla was driving away, Jareem Roach, another resident of the apartment complex, began firing his 9mm handgun at Parilla. According to Gualtieri, Roach believed Parilla was at the apartment looking for him.

"We've got a triangle of people thinking they are each out to get each other, and they all have guns," said Gualtieri told

Parilla was eventually caught less than a mile away after he crashed into a power pole and a pickup truck. He tried to flee on foot before the police caught up to him.

Kondek, was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died. He was a 17-year veteran of the department and spent five years as an officer in the New York City Police Department. He was a husband and father of six.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Parilla was listed as a fugitive for violating his probation. He was released in March after serving more than two years in prison for a variety of offenses, including drug charges.

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