Man hid heroin in his daughter's underwear

Police charged Jeremy Trongeau and Rachael Jones with distributing heroin and other drugs after detectives executed a search warrant at their  apartment. 

HAVERHILL, Mass. — A Haverhill man suspected of dealing drugs hid a packet of heroin in his 4-year-old daughter's underwear while detectives were entering his apartment with a search warrant, police said.

Police said the girl wet herself when detectives surprised the man, who subsequently ignored requests to change his daughter. A female officer later decided to change the girl herself, which is when she noticed a bulge in the girl's underwear and discovered it was a plastic bag containing heroin.

Police charged Jeremy Trongeau, 29, with possession to distribute Class A heroin, possession to distribute Class E drugs (Nabumetone and Gabapentin), a drug violation near a school or park, and reckless endangerment of a child. Police said the apartment is next an elementary school.

Police brought the same charges against his girlfriend, Rachael Jones, 28, with the exception of child endangerment. She wasn't home when they executed the search warrant.

Police notified the Department of Children & Families. DCF took the two children into custody until the police investigation was completed.

During the booking process, police asked Trongeau how long he had been dealing heroin and he stated "I don't know, I guess too long."

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