DANNEMORA, N.Y. — It's still a mystery exactly how convicted killers Richard W. Matt and David Sweat managed to plan and execute their elaborate escape from a northern New York prison. But one small mystery may have been solved.

The happy-face sketch they left behind when they broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility a week ago is almost identical to one used on an episode of the animated comedy TV show "Family Guy," in an episode called "Trading Places."

The version left by the escapees had the words "Have A Nice Day" inserted at the bottom. It was left on the steam pipe the two cut open to get out of the maximum-security prison.

In the March 20, 2011, segment of the animated comedy series, Peter Griffin, the father on the program, is a police sketch artist drawing a picture of an Asian-American who a man says assaulted him.

After meticulous questioning of the victim to get a description, Griffin draws an image.

"I have a preliminary sketch here," Griffin tells the victim, turning his drawing pad around. "Is this the man who assaulted you?"

It is an offensive drawing of a Chinese coolie, a term for a 19th-century unskilled laborer. And it is very much like the one the fugitives left behind.

In the next scene, Griffin is shown talking with his wife at home after losing his job.

"They’re never going to take you back," she says. "You got fired for racist drawings."

The Press-Republican in Plattsburgh, N.Y., contributed to this story.

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