Following months of lesson plans, activities and preparation, the students and staff of Martin Luther King Elementary School in Montgomery, Ala., held their own Selma to Montgomery reenactment march on March 20, 2015, commemorating the historic march for voting rights that took place March 25, 1965.

"Being right off of Selma Highway, doing this is almost a given for us," said Martin Luther King Elementary School Principal B.T. McMillian. "The students should be aware of the history of the area, especially now 50 years later."

During the reenactment of the 54-mile trek, more than 100 students marched, chanted, sang and learned about the history of the 1965 march as they visited recreations of each of the memorable sites that Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists and marchers did, including Tent City in Lowndes County, Ala., and the City of St. Jude in Montgomery, before arriving at The Capitol Building.