Inola Construction

South 4200 Road is currently operating as a one-way, southbound road, only accessible from Highway 412.

The Lock & Dam Road project is nearing completion, but the final stage is an inconvenience for many travelers.

South 4200 Road is currently down to a one-way, southbound road from Highway 412 to east 590 Road while the Oklahoma Department of Transportation widens, strengthens and resurfaces the road for long-term semi-truck travel.

Inola Mayor Larry Grigg said completion could take somewhere between two to three months.

“If you’re going to the daycare to pick up your children, you’ll have to come off 412,” Grigg said, admitting the inherent danger in that detour. “If you are coming off 88, you have to cross two lanes of traffic to get to that left turn median, and it’s kind of like coming out of the pits at a big race.”

“It is an inconvenience for some people, because when you are coming up the Lock & Dam Road and you get to that junction to get to 412, if you are going to Tulsa you’ll have to go left and if you are going to Claremore you’ll have to go right,” Grigg said.

In approximately six weeks the road will switch to one-way northbound.

“The number one thing we want ODOT to do was slow traffic down in that corridor to about 45 mph while all this construction is going on,” Grigg said.

Inola officials and business owners along the Lock & Dam Corridor will meet with ODOT later this week to further discuss how traffic issues will impact local businesses and if temporarily slowing 412 traffic is a possibility.