Bad tip?

Taken from the PYT Facebook page: "The 20-cent tip that the Eagles' LeSean McCoy just left our server on his $60 check is going to come in really handy for that new official NFL McCoy jersey he had his heart set on. That is a .03% tip. New record!"

You never know who is watching or who you're going to upset when you step out of your house in the morning.

That is what Eagles running back LeSean McCoy found out recently after being called on by a unhappy waiter.

According to the Facebook page of PYT, a burger joint in Philadelphia, McCoy visited the establishment Monday and ordered a $61.56 meal.

However, when the All-Pro was done, he didn't show the type of appreciation the PYT staff had hoped for. According to the ticket, which they posted on the Facebook page, McCoy apparently left a $.20 tip. For you math whizzes, that's .03 percent. PYT said that's a new record, and not in a good way.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Facebook post had more than 2,000 likes and 2,515 shares. It also had more than 2,100 comments that ranged from support of PYT to anger at the posting.

Here are a few examples:

Aaron Pruzaniec: "Bad form PYT. Posting this is disturbing and unprofessional. Have you read your Yelp page? SMH."

Vicki Long: "I waited on LeSean McCoy before and he tipped well, I have to assume the server may have been in the wrong."

Derek Delisi: "He tipped me $50 on $100. When he eats in Rittenhouse. I've eaten here before, your service sucks!! All cocky unwashed hipsters."

Chloe Thatchard: "Doubt it was the service. McCoy came into my workplace and had a male server, not to mention one of our best, who knew who McCoy was and made sure to anticipate every need. McCoy stiffed him. Came back in and sat with me about a week later and tipped me 20%. I commend PYT for standing by their employee. Usually a corporation will do anything for a dollar. Who cares if McCoy doesn't go back? That speaks for any other cheap, ignorant lousy tippers. Other "athletes" who are cheap will stay away. Good!"

McCoy, who signed a six-year, $45 million contract extension in 2012, hasn't responded publicly to the accusation.

"As soon as they sat down, they were pretty rude," the waiter, Rob Knelly, told "I asked some questions, they weren't really responsive. They were cursing, making derogatory comments. I put their order in and forgot one of their appetizers, which I apologized for. They ordered things, and once they got it, they said 'We ain't eating this (bleep)! We don't want it.'"

McCoy, who signed an extension in 2012 for $45 million over six seasons, hasn't responded publicly to the accusation or given a reason on why he left only two dimes on his credit as a tip.

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