The state of Texas is known for many things. One is its culture of high school football, which is about winning at all cost.

However, that philosophy may have taken a hit when it comes to Houston's Scarborough High School. After finishing the season 0-10, they became the first winless team in Texas history to make the playoffs, according to the Concord Moniter.

Yes, that is correct. They are preparing for their first round matchup Friday with West Orange-Stark High School despite losing by an average score of 53-8 this season in class 4A.

Scarborough accomplished this somewhat dubious feat with the help of the massive educational cuts taking place throughout the state.

Scarborough plays in a district that had only five teams when the school year began. One of the schools planned to close until a last minute push saved it. However, according to USA Today, one of the conditions in saving the school meant cutting athletics. That included dissolving the entire football program.

With the top four teams in each district guaranteed to advance to the playoffs, that left the door wide open for the winless Spartans to make a postseason birth.

If Scarborough loses in the playoffs, not only will they be 0-11 this year, but their overall losing streak will extend to 58 games. They are still 23 games short of the state record of 80 straight losses by Houston's Davis High School from 1985-93.

The Mustangs of West Orange-Stark are heavily favored. But they also know the eyes of Texas will be on them and how they treat their opponent.

Yet, Scarborough coach Ajani Sanders sees it as an opportunity for his team to get their first win.

“Our deal is we’re going to play for all those teams that lost out on tiebreakers,” Sanders told the Moniter. "We’re going to go out there and we’re going to try to honor those guys by going out there and playing a good, hard game of football.”

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